An eventful year of 2020

Greetings in the name of our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST!

What an eventful, interesting year this has been. From the pandemic and the increased number of deaths in many nations around the whole, to a intensive persecution of believers seen in countries that abhor and detest the gospel and lastly, a move of GOD arising through HIS SPIRIT to many intercessors, prayer warriors with a fire to stand and pray on the wall with more vigor and tenacity. Our ministry has been able to fulfill it’s role in being a conduit for CHRIST’S mandate in the small island nation of the FIJI ISLANDS with our daily, weekly bible teaching, fasting and intercessory prayers along with our community outreach in feeding widows, orphans and those who are less fortunate. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve Messiah in our local community. We continue to intercede for those who are spiritually lost during this time as the world embraces another new strain of the corona virus that many will seek the face of YESHUA and find solace in their quest for peace and answers to all of their problems. It is critically vital that all believers stay spiritually ready and sharp because there is so much that the enemy is planning and pursuing right now as prophesied in the BIBLE about the events that will unfold before the return of CHRIST! May 2021 bring more grace and mercy and prepare us even more for HIS RETURN anticipating the rapture!

With Love and Blessings

Walking With The Word Ministry