Success of 21 day prayer & fast MALE seed campaign

The most challenging fast that we have had to embark on – fasting and praying specifically for the male gender. The gamut of spiritual attack was unprecedented along with the perseverance to endure to the end was memorable and life changing. We experienced the first hand accounts of instant prayer being answered and we were encouraged that despite the “delay” in the manifestation our our prayer request, it was not denied. A few times during the fast, the prophetic word was being released during our faithful nightly prayer on ZOOM for 21 days along with a intense study of a male character each night, drew us even more closer and deeper in our SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST!!! We would have never completed the fast with the WORD OF GOD and the strength of the HOLY SPIRIT – Thank you RUACH HAKODESH! Thank you to all that committed to this endeavor and we are looking forward to all the praise reports and miracles being performed in the lives of all men everywhere! FOR THE GLORY OF JESUS CHRIST, MAY MEN EVERYWHERE BE SAVED, DELIVERED AND SET FREE!