Fiji Prophetic Word July 2020

Life Centre Ministries.        Head of the Month Word – July 2020 Prophet Catherine Sykes

This month the shaking is going to continue politically, spiritually, naturally and nationally. He is shaking things that can be shaken, and He is allowing it for a purpose, so we should not be surprised cause He said, He is going to pull off some rug from under some demonic structures. God is very purposeful, He is repositioning us and He is still on the throne. Don’t we be shaken for we stand on the rock. The devil is trying to escalate things when it doesn’t have to be so we need to able to discern the voice of the Lord and be close to Him during this month.

This is the month to revisit your prophetic words. God is going to show you some timing about some of your prophetic words. Key is to ask God on what steps you are to take in order to progress in what He has said to you.

This month God wants to tighten some purse strings, look at how your money is going this month and to be able to save.

This is a month to search our hearts if there is anything that we are withholding from God or things we have not surrended to God. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal if there is anything we are withholding from Him and this is the month to break all agreements with darkness and renounce all unholy habits and have our heart right with God.

This is also the month to fortify your home your house with prayer, its time to do some spiritual cleaning, don’t allow the things that the enemy would want to bring into your home which includes fear, violence or anything that will rob your peace and focus. Do not allow any idols or fear come into your heart. Repent and clear everything concerning you with God.

This is the month to watch Israel and be discerning because we are in covenant with that Israel.

This is the month the enemy will try all it’s best to distract us, using all things that worked with you in the past. So be on alert and don’t allow him to distract your focus this month. There will be a lot of things trying to get your attention and your emotion to be distracted.  God is trying to advance the church this month so don’t be distracted by what the enemy wants us to focus on.

If you are a prophet, this month God is going to call you and give you some assignment specifically. Be ready and be discerning because these assignments are of great importance to the Kingdom of God.

Finally, some have received some bad news of late but the Lord said that He is going to turn the tables and so don’t be distressed if you get some bad news, God is going to shift and turn it and turn it around for your favor.

 Word for the Nations by Prophet Jackie Marshal

Beginning from this month July and onwards there is going to be a great manifestation of the shaking of the systems of the world and also the unseen powers in the Heavenly realms. God dropped the nation of Fiji Island, He aluminate that particular nation to me.

Hear, Oh! nations of the world, I am shaking even the penal systems & prison system of the nations. There is a shaking to align & to rehabilitate the systems all over the world.

Am shaking even those areas of human placement as as far as those in leadership, I am plucking up some, even wardens & those who oversee prison systems and I am bringing in that which will cause those who will be in positions to care for those who are in prison to have an interest to rehabilitate, those who are integrase and honest.

I am causing a reform to blow through the prisons, there is an awakening to my presence and to my son. I am shaking those unseen powers that are connected with the funding and moneys of the prisons all over the world and begin to correct this areas, and there are areas that are unseen and unknown in the nations and that there are billions of dollars laundered and moved in the prison systems. Am starting to expose from this month those networks, those ties, those alliances, those corporations, those politicians and political people who are in cohort with these things.

I am causing even a wind of the shaking to expose unknown evidence in cold places in cases that have been given to the wrong people, they that have been in prison unjustly, I’m causing a shaking of injustices in the prison system and causing unseen powers to be exposed.

But hear Oh nations that there are good powers in the heavenly realms and I am causing those in to be seen, I am circumcising the eyes of the nations, that their foreskin would be cut that you might see the angelic hosts that is causing good things to happen, that my will, will be done  and my Kingdom will come and that you will see there is a host that is greater than that of the darkness & will cause encouragement and hopefulness.

And Fiji Islands, I proclaim to you that even as you have not seen any deaths from the covid19, it is because of your transformation and that you have declared my goodness and mercy, that you have declared my provision and causing certain fish to come back, because I cause greater, larger things of aquaculture to be a part of your life and so I have done  this on your behalf and I am causing an awakening to resurge within you again, that the next generation of those younger generations will come forth in the Fiji Islands and take hold of the baton that has already been set in motion in years past.

You are the apple of my eyes and I am causing you to be a prototype to the nations of the world of what it looks like when a nation that comes under God. Blessed is the nation whose Lord is me declared the Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.


We decree and declare our nation will be anchored in God during these shifting and shaking. We decree in Jesus name that our eyes shall see the hosts of Gods army waring and ministering on our behalf in Jesus name.