Fiji Prophecy June 19th 2020 Apostle Jennifer LeClaire Ministries


Apostle Jennifer LeClaire Ministries
Jennifer LeClaire Ministries
June 19th, 2020
(Prophetic Word transcribed)

Fiji prophecy 6/19/20

“God wants to visit Fiji again in a spectacular way. I just hear the Lord saying, I want to bring much fruit in Fiji. Fruit for My kingdom, Souls.

The Lord says the love of many has waxed cold in Fiji. The Lord says I am about to ignite a new fire again amongst small cells of intercessors who are going to contend for an outpour of revival and another transformation says the Lord. And there is another mass harvest in Fiji. The Lord says there is much fruit that remains for My kingdom as the intercessors rise up and contend against that slumbering spirit that is trying to rest on the nation. I want to bring another awakening and revisit Fiji with revival again. I have charged you intercessors in Fiji to grab hold of the horns of the altar to begin to repent for the slippage and the back sliding of many even in the church in Fiji but the Lord says I will do a great work there in response to the heart cries of My people who have stood in the gap and have not slid and have not stepped out of the gap but stayed in the gap The Lord says to begin to gather and mobilize their intercessors. You, intercessors in Fiji pull them in and teach them how to pray and your voice your collective voice the cry of unity will reach up to My throne and I will respond in kind, Says the Lord.

We need to do a Awakening digital tour in Fiji!”